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Finding the Right Weighted Blanket

A Pinwheel weighted blanket is the simple solution you have been dreaming of: a safe and effective therapy for improved relaxation and deeper sleep. Each blanket comes with a money-back guarantee.

Wondering which size is right for you? Below are some simple steps to help find the right blanket.

Choose a Size

Choose a Weight

To determine an appropriate weight for the blanket user, a good starting point is 10% of the user's total weight. For instance, a 120 lb user might find a 12 pound blanket ideal. Remember: each individual is unique in their needs, so preferences may vary. If in doubt, choose a lighter blanket. 

Weighted Blankets Sizing Chart

Choose the Material

Selecting your fabric is important. If you live in a warmer climate or often feel too warm while sleeping, we recommend cotton materials. They are superior for regulating humidity and retaining less heat. If you tend to be cold, live in a colder climate, or like to feel extra-warm, we recommend our more luxurious minky materials which offer better insulation and warming properties. Want the best of both worlds? Order a blanket with a side of each!